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Harry is a PhD student in Human Experience, Analysis and Design Laboratory and the Computational, Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Laboratory at Imperial College London. Before starting his PhD Harry completed an integrated Masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Exeter.

His main research focuses on studying the biomechanics of impact induced vascular injury in the brain. This is done though the use of high fidelity finite element models of the human brain created to simulate real life injury events which have lead to bleeding or vascular injury, parametric studies of the effect of different loading conditions on the brains vasculature network, and investigation of the effectiveness of head protection devices on vasculature damage. 



Duckworth H, Sharp DJ, Ghajari M, 2021, Smoothed particle hydrodynamic modelling of the cerebrospinal fluid for brain biomechanics: accuracy and stability, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering, Vol:37, ISSN:1069-8299

Farajzadeh Khosroshahi S, Duckworth H, Galvanetto U, et al., 2019, The effects of topology and relative density of lattice liners on traumatic brain injury mitigation, Journal of Biomechanics, Vol:97, ISSN:0021-9290

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