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Dr Hariklia Eleftherohorinou

Faculty of MedicineSchool of Public Health

Honorary Research Fellow







Dept. of PaediatricsNorfolk PlaceSt Mary's Campus





Dr. Hariklia Eleftherohorinou is an Honorary Fellow of the School of Public Health for her outstanding contribution to Public Health research using advanced analytics on big data. 

An early Data Scientist, she started her career in Electrical and Computer Engineering, specialising in data mining and machine learning algorithms. She developed her first integrated advanced analytics platform as an undergraduate student,  which is still being used for evidence-driven decision-making. She then specialised in the Informatics on Life Sciences and moved on to complete her PhD on the data mining of genomics for both common and rare diseases, where she achieved numerous distinctions, including the European Society of Paediatrics Infectious Diseases award for outstanding contribution to research

A dynamic personality, she scoped, designed and delivered a wide range of multidisciplinary projects on Big Data Analytics in Public Health and supported global initiatives, through her involvement in international consortia. Highlights of her work include patient segmentation strategies for childhood infections to inform decision making in health care services, leading the data management of clinical trials in dementia research and developing the predictive algorithms for personalised health promotion on individuals under stress using wearables devices.

Alongside her research, she managed the informatics of a large consortium with 14 partners across Europe, USA and Africa on Personalised Medicine. She became the face of the Global eHealth Unit Education for her exceptional training on Data Science to diverse non-technical audiences and she led the analytics transformation of the Department of Paediatrics by the side of Professor Michael Levin. Her work was sponsored by various public and industrial partners, including the European Union, Janssen R&D, Novartis, GSK and the Wellcome Trust. 



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Munhoz RP, Teive HA, Eleftherohorinou H, et al., 2013, Demographic and motor features associated with the occurrence of neuropsychiatric and sleep complications of Parkinson's disease, Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, Vol:84, ISSN:0022-3050, Pages:883-887

El-Sayed Moustafa JS, Eleftherohorinou H, de Smith AJ, et al., 2012, Novel association approach for variable number tandem repeats (VNTRs) identifies DOCK5 as a susceptibility gene for severe obesity, Hum Mol Genet, Vol:21, ISSN:1460-2083, Pages:3727-3738

Pathan N, Franklin JL, Eleftherohorinou H, et al., 2011, Myocardial depressant effects of interleukin 6 in meningococcal sepsis are regulated by p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase, Critical Care Medicine, Vol:39, ISSN:0090-3493, Pages:1692-1711

Eleftherohorinou H, Hoggart CJ, Wright VJ, et al., 2011, Pathway-driven gene stability selection of two rheumatoid arthritis GWAS identifies and validates new susceptibility genes in receptor mediated signalling pathways, Human Molecular Genetics, Vol:20, Pages:3494-3506

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