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I am a Reader in Human-Centred Systems and the Director of Postgraduate Studies at the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London. I also serve as a Security Science Fellow of the Institute for Security Science and Technology. In my industrial role, I am a Visiting Professor and the Chief Scientist at Brave.

My research interest are in User-Centered Systems, IoT, Applied Machine Learning, Privacy, and Human-Data Interaction. I lead the Systems and Algorithms Laboratory (SysAl). I hold an EPSRC Open Fellowships (2022-2027). I am also an Academic Fellow of the Data Science Institute.

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Current Research Staff:

Dr YuanyingZhao (ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr Yuchen Zhao (Postdoctoral Research Associate on the UK DRI Care Research & Technology programme

Dr Anna Maria Mandalari (Postdoctoral Research Associate on IoTrim)

Current Research Students

Yushan Huang (Machine Learning systems, funded by CSC Scholarship).

Mengjia Niu (IoT and HDI, funded by CSC Imperial Scholarship).

Xavier Cadet (Artificial Intelligence for Health, funded by UKRI CDT in AI for Healthcare).

Eman Maali (IoT Security, funded by Schlumberger Foundation)

Ranya Aloufi (Privacy in Edge Compouting, funded by Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau).

Fan Mo (Privacy-preserving trusted Mobile Computing, funded by CSC Scholarship).

Yuting Zhan (HDI, funded by CSC Imperial Scholarship).


I am keen to hear from strong students interested in doing their masters project or PhD research with me, or postdoctoral fellows interested in being hosted at Imperial College London. Please get in touch! We are currently looking for exceptional candidates for the exceptional candidates for the Imperial College Research Fellowships, the Imperial President’s PhD Scholarships, China Scholarship Council, the Islamic Development Bank – Imperial College Scholarship, the London Interdisciplinary Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership (LISS DTP), and various Centres for Doctoral Training in Imperial College London.



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Kolcun R, Popescu DA, Safronov V, et al., Revisiting IoT device identification, Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference 2021

Minto L, Haller M, Haddadi H, et al., Stronger privacy for federated collaborative filtering with implicit feedback, 15th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems

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