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AB - Online Social Networks (OSNs) provide a venue for virtual interactions andrelationships between individuals. In some communities, OSNs also facilitatearranging online meetings and relationships. FetLife, the worlds largestanonymous social network for the BDSM, fetish and kink communities, provides aunique example of an OSN that serves as an interaction space, communityorganizing tool, and sexual market. In this paper, we present a first look atthe characteristics of European members of Fetlife, comprising 504,416individual nodes with 1,912,196 connections. We looked at user characteristicsin terms of gender, sexual orientation, and preferred role. We further examinedthe topological and structural properties of groups, as well as the type ofinteractions and relations between their members. Our results suggest there areimportant differences between the FetLife community and conventional OSNs. Thenetwork can be characterised by complex gender based interactions both from asexual market and platonic viewpoint which point to a truly fascinating socialnetwork.
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