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AB - Many models have been proposed to generate Internet Autonomous System (AS)topologies, most of which make structural assumptions about the AS graph. Inthis paper we compare AS topology generation models with several observed AStopologies. In contrast to most previous works, we avoid making assumptionsabout which topological properties are important to characterize the AStopology. Our analysis shows that, although matching degree-based properties,the existing AS topology generation models fail to capture the complexity ofthe local interconnection structure between ASs. Furthermore, we use BGP datafrom multiple vantage points to show that additional measurement locationssignificantly affect local structure properties, such as clustering and nodecentrality. Degree-based properties, however, are not notably affected byadditional measurements locations. These observations are particularly valid inthe core. The shortcomings of AS topology generation models stems from anunderestimation of the complexity of the connectivity in the core caused byinappropriate use of BGP data.
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TI - Beyond Node Degree: Evaluating AS Topology Models
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