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AB - Adblocking tools like Adblock Plus continue to rise in popularity,potentially threatening the dynamics of advertising revenue streams. Inresponse, a number of publishers have ramped up efforts to develop and deploymechanisms for detecting and/or counter-blocking adblockers (which we refer toas anti-adblockers), effectively escalating the online advertising arms race.In this paper, we develop a scalable approach for identifying third-partyservices shared across multiple web-sites and use it to provide a firstcharacterization of anti-adblocking across the Alexa Top-5K websites. We mapwebsites that perform anti-adblocking as well as the entities that provideanti-adblocking scripts. We study the modus operandi of these scripts and theirimpact on popular adblockers. We find that at least 6.7% of websites in theAlexa Top-5K use anti-adblocking scripts, acquired from 12 distinct entities --some of which have a direct interest in nourishing the online advertisingindustry.
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