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AB - Food and nutrition occupy an increasingly prevalent space on the web, anddishes and recipes shared online provide an invaluable mirror into culinarycultures and attitudes around the world. More specifically, ingredients,flavors, and nutrition information become strong signals of the tastepreferences of individuals and civilizations. However, there is littleunderstanding of these palate varieties. In this paper, we present alarge-scale study of recipes published on the web and their content, aiming tounderstand cuisines and culinary habits around the world. Using a database ofmore than 157K recipes from over 200 different cuisines, we analyzeingredients, flavors, and nutritional values which distinguish dishes fromdifferent regions, and use this knowledge to assess the predictability ofrecipes from different cuisines. We then use country health statistics tounderstand the relation between these factors and health indicators ofdifferent nations, such as obesity, diabetes, migration, and healthexpenditure. Our results confirm the strong effects of geographical andcultural similarities on recipes, health indicators, and culinary preferencesacross the globe.
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