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Haleema is a Ph.D. student in Economics and is conducting research with the objective of quantifying and monetizing damages from wildfires in the European Mediterranean. Her focus is on employing economic/environmental valuation methods, specifically stated preference valuation methods, to assess damages in both rural and urban/peri-urban environments. Additionally, her research aims to investigate the impacts of wildfires on human well-being. The ultimate goal of her thesis is to generate outputs that contribute to a better understanding of the intricate relationship between wildfires and society, providing valuable insights for scientists and policymakers.

Prior to this, Haleema studied a BSc in Physical Geography and holds an MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment at UCL.



Misal H, VarelE, Voulgarakis A, et al., 2023, Assessing public preferences for a wildfire mitigation policy in Crete, Greece, Forest Policy and Economics, Vol:153, ISSN:1389-9341, Pages:1-16