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Hilary Watt CStat MSc MA

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Hilary is Consultant Statistician member of Department of Public Health and Primary Care, as well as Teaching Fellow in Statistics

Hilary is co-applicant Statistician on two NIHR-funded randomised controlled trials. The first evaluates a brief video-feedback intervention to promote positive parenting, in very young children with behavioural problems (HTA funded, PI Prof Paul Ramchandani). The second evaluates drug treatment to improve attention (extended-release guanfacine) in patients with Alzheimer's disease, as an add-on therapy in patients already receiving memory-enhancing drugs (RfPB funded, PI Dr Paresh Malhotra). Hilary has extensive experience of neurology and psychiatric research from her previous role funded by the Institute of Neurology, and at St George's Medical School department of Psychiatry.

Hilary is currently developing material and teaching statistical analysis, and use of Stata statistical software. The Stata teaching focuses on data management, potentially saving lots of analysis time for staff, PhD students and MPH/MSc students alike. She has developed discussion material to reinforce key statistical concepts using graphical illustrations. These are used as a way into student discussion around these concepts. She is co-module leader on the Introduction to Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis module of the MPH/ MSc Epidemiology. She previously for 7 years as Lecturer in Medical Statistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She taught analysis of hierarchical data with multilevel modelling and linear regression analysis on the MSc in Medical Statistics. She also taught the fundamentals of Statistics at the Institute of Neurology, and her previous experience of teaching Statistics to Medical students.

Hilary also works for the NIHR Research Design Service (RDS). She uses her extensive experience, attention to detail and strong research mind to advice on research proposals. She helps NHS and university researchers submit strong grant proposals for peer reviewed funding. She works in the Department of Primary Care and Public Health (PCPH).

Prior to this, she worked as a freelance statistician. Her collaborations included working with the centre for Statistics in Medicine at Oxford University, headed by Professor Douglas Altman. Her work included trials and epidemiology, in vaccine and CVD research.

Hilary's learnt much about epidemiology by working for with Prof Nicholas Wald at St Bartholomew's Medical School, where there was an emphasis on presenting results in a number of different ways. There she undertook studies of prenatal screening, cancer screening and risk factors for Ischeamic Heart Disease.



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