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Many people find that the most time consuming part of data analysis is getting the data into good enough order in the first place. People who rely on Stata help and on googling may find this very time-consuming. For some tasks they may be daunted and have little idea of where to start. People who do not watch out for errors in their data-set, and errors during recoding, are in danger are producing meaningless results.

I've developed Stata data management resources to help. This puts together the relevant information, according to what tasks you may need it for. There are materials that can be used as reference resources. There is also a course that can be worked through in your own time, to really get to know the material. This course is taught face-to-face to PhD students, to MPH students, to MSc Epidemiology students, and sometimes to staff. Anyone interested in face to face teaching is encouraged to contact me. Anyone who teaches using this material learns some tricks and hints for more efficient ways of managing data. Please contact me if you are interested in taking this course, or in teaching the course yourself.

The material is laid out, emphasising the types of issues that you will need to address, and how to solve them. There are links within the resources for easy navigation. There are links also to the Stata help system and to the Stata manuals, so that students are encouraged to use Stata fully, including a recognition of the learning tools available within the software itself. These guides are used extensively by staff in my own department.

Here are the key resources: Stata Data Management Resource

Stata Data Management 2017 b

SIDM1 Stata Introduction 2017 c

SIDM2 Preparing data for Stata analysis 2017

SIDM3 combining and restructuring datasets 2017

SIDM4 Producing tables of Stata results and Stata loops 2017

stata commands crib sheet 2017r

Please E-mail me, Hilary, for the datasets which are required for these exercises.