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Leading a collaboration to research statistics teaching methods

I lead this collaboration with Dr Renata Medeiros Mirra (organisers of Burwalls statistics teaching conference in 2020 & 2021) and Dr Kay Leedham-Green (teaching research expert). Dr Kate Honeyford and Katherine Davis, Dr Henock Taddese and Dr Matt Harris. We have data from around 60 medical statisticians/ teachers of medical statistics, who have interpreted p-values and confidence intervals. We have analysed these interpretations for use of language, clarity of expression, for errors and for links with misconceptions. We have had 3 resulting abstracts accepted for the Royal Statistical Society annual conference in 2022, two of them in talk format. We led 2 discussion forums at Burwalls annual statistics teaching conference 2022, based on the interpretations given.

Co-supervisor of Dr Kay Leedham-Green’s PhD “Education for sustainable healthcare”.

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I am responsible for overseeing her quantitative analysis. Her primary supervisor is Dr Sue Smith and Dr Ana Madeira Teixeira Baptista is her qualitative co-supervisor. Kay’s PhD focuses on the development and validation of two measures: (1) the Intentional Educational Value Scale, which measures a healthcare professional's intention to apply what they have learned in practice, and (2) the Personalised Care Measure, which measures personal engagement with health and wellbeing.

Statistician co-investigator on NIHR funded trial of guanfacine in Alzheimer’s disease.

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Guanfacine acts by increasing levels of noradrenaline. It is sometimes used to treat ADHD in children, since this drug may enhance attention. There is reason to believe that guanfacine may have a synergistic effect when combined with memory-enhancing drugs that are often prescribed in Alzheimer’s disease. Dr Paresh Malhotra is CI, a Clinical Reader in the Division of Brain Sciences and Consultant Neurologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. I also support members of his team with their statistical analyses and publications.

I am responsible for statistical advice for Dr Christopher Carswell’s MRC/NIHR clinical Academic Research Partnership (CARP).

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We are investigating Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (iNPH), which is a common treatable condition of the elderly in which progressive gait impairment, cognitive decline and urinary incontinence. Hence the intention is to improve diagnostic accuracy in this area.

Evaluating the NHS improved access to psychological services (IAPS) scheme

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I successfully supervised Dr Federica Amati’s PhD and Richard Adjei’s MPH dissertations to completion, and are now publishing related articles. Both dissertations looked at the role of ethnic group and deprivation and their association with (1) severity of anxiety and depression when entering IAPS, and (2) the outcomes of the IAPS intervention, with each dissertation using different data sources. Dr John Green is Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Academic and Clinical Director Anxiety Stress and Trauma, CNWL NHS Foundation Trust.

Co-supervisor of Laura Monje-Garcia’s fellowship “Exploring psychological impact of living with inherited colorectal cancer”

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This fellowship was awarded by RM Partners cancer alliance. Qualitative project. Laura is the National lead nurse for Lynch Syndrome Project (hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer). Genetic counselling services are currently being introduced for patients who undergo genetic screening. Jai Vairale, Dr Sondus Hassounah and myself are collaborating with Laura on projects that inform her clinical national lead role. We have undertaken a systematic review of extent of anxiety and depression amongst people who are undergoing genetic screening for cancer. Such screening determines whether they carry a gene that puts them and potentially other family members at high risk of developing cancer and/or of recurring cancer amongst those already diagnosed.


Dr Kay Leedham-Green, Imperial College London, Teaching research expert, Expertise in methods of teaching research and publications, applied to statistics teaching research., 2020 - 2025

Dr Paresh Malhotra, Imperial College London,, Randomised controlled trial of noradrenergic drug treatment in Alzheimer's

Renata Medeiros Mirra, Cardiff University Dental School, Burwalls medical statistics teaching conference organiser in 2020 & 2021., Teaching p-values and confidence intervals, focusing on terminology used, and links with common misconceptions.

Damian Farnell, Cardiff University Dental School, Burwalls medical statistics teaching conference organiser in 2020 & 2021., Statistics Teaching of p-values and confidence intervals, with a focus on terminology, and links to misconceptions.

Guest Lectures

Methods of statistics teaching that steer away from widespread poor standards of statistical interpretation, Royal Statistics Society, Education Section, UK, 2023

Conceptual understanding of confidence intervals, Royal Statistical Society, students group, UK, 2022

Research Student Supervision

amati,F, Predicting improvement in community mental health service