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Hanbin is a postdoctoral researcher in the Environmental Research Group, with crossdisciplinarity skills in exposure science and indoor air pollution. He is passionate about addressing environmental health issues in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, with evidence provided from data science approaches. 

Hanbin's research interests include: 

1. How outdoor pollution ingresses and influences indoor air; 

2. Separation of sources of pollution in exposure; 

3. How geolocation tracking can inform exposure; 

4. Intervention that have environmental and health co-benefits 

Additional roles

Social Rep, Researchers’ Society in Medical Research Centre for Environmental Health. 

Key research project

Effects of AIR pollution on cardiopuLmonary disEaSe in urban and peri-urban reSidents in Beijing (AIRLESS) - 2016 onwards

Investigating the consequences of Measurement Error
of gradually more sophisticated long-term personal exposure models in assessing health effects: The LONdon Study (MELONS) 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Han Y, Chatzidiakou L, Yan L, et al., 2021, Difference in ambient-personal exposure to PM2.5 and its inflammatory effect in local residents in urban and peri-urban Beijing, China: results of the AIRLESS project, Faraday Discussions, Vol:226, ISSN:1359-6640, Pages:569-583

Chatzidiakou L, Krause A, Han Y, et al., 2020, Using low-cost sensor technologies and advanced computational methods to improve dose estimations in health panel studies: results of the AIRLESS project, Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, Vol:30, ISSN:1559-0631, Pages:981-989

Evangelopoulos D, Katsouyanni K, Keogh RH, et al., 2020, PM2.5 and NO2 exposure errors using proxy measures, including derived personal exposure from outdoor sources: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Environment International, Vol:137, ISSN:0160-4120

Chatzidiakou L, Krause A, Popoola OAM, et al., 2019, Characterising low-cost sensors in highly portable platforms to quantify personal exposure in diverse environments, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, Vol:12, ISSN:1867-1381, Pages:4643-4657

Newbold T, Hudson LN, Arnell AP, et al., 2016, Has land use pushed terrestrial biodiversity beyond the planetary boundary? A global assessment, Science, Vol:353, ISSN:0036-8075, Pages:288-291

More Publications