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Hannah has worked within the Centre for Health Policy for two years on a number of different projects looking into the role of innovation within healthcare.

Hannah is currently part of a team looking into the translation of frugal innovation from around the world into the US healthcare system in a project with the Commonwealth Fund, a healthcare foundation based in New York. The project aims to assess to suitability of innovations developed in low and middle income countries to provide scalable, cost-reducing healthcare solutions in the US.

She is also the Forum Delivery Manager for the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) where she is responsible for the development of policy reports focussed on key global health challenges by working with academic and consultancy partners from around the world. These are presented at the yearly summit. 

In addition to this, Hannah has been involved in the curation and creation of the Innovation Showcases at WISH. The showcases are part of a gallery of the latest in healthcare innovation from around the world, which provides delegates attending WISH to see what is up and coming in the world of global health.

Hannah has carried out an ongoing piece of research on the Global Diffusion of Healthcare Innovation (GDHI) which investigates the factors which promote and the barriers which inhibit the diffusion of innovations into global health systems. Over the last few years, the research team has assessed the role of the GDHI framework in many countries around the world and directly linked the framework to succesful rapid innovation diffusion case studies. The findings from GDHI research have been presented at the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) in Qatar in both 2013 and 2015.

Hannah also supports a number of projects within HELIX, which is also part of the Institute of Global Health Innovation.