Imperial College London

Dr Haonan Lu

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Surgery & Cancer

Research Associate







ICTEM buildingHammersmith Campus





Cancer is a heterogeneous disease, meaning every tumour may addict to distinct oncogenic mechanisms and therefore need personalised treatment. This complexity could arise from genetic alterations, microenvironment changes and their interactions. Nevertheless, current therapeutic development mainly focuses on one of these alterations, resulting poor response in many cases.

Dr Haonan Lu was trained in bioinformatics and cell biology at Imperial College London. He is particularly interested in developing imaging-based methods to describe cancer phenotypes, as well as discovering novel therapeutic targets through functional genomics approach.

Ongoing projects:

  1. Development of a novel antibody-drug conjugate strategy in high grade serous ovarian cancer
  2. Investigate somatic copy number alterations as therapeutic targets to unleash local anti-tumour immunity
  3. Optimising 3’ UTR sequence to enhance ovarian tumour- specific delivery of lipid nanoparticles-encapsulated mRNA
  4. Multiplexed pretargeted imaging for early detection of high grade serous ovarian cancer



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