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Harry is a first-year postgraduate researcher in Hazelab at Imperial College London. He also graduated with a mechanical engineering Masters degree from Imperial.

Harry’s PhD research implements fire dynamics simulations and experimentation to study and understand how fire behaves in mesoscopic timber such as cross-laminated timber (CLT)  beams to macroscopic timber structures. This work is funded by Arup and ESPRC.

His Masters thesis focused on another hot topic in fire safety science: wildfires. He developed a toolkit called PERIL (Population Evacuation TRigger aLgorithm), that generates evacuation trigger perimeters for communities in the wildland-urban interface. This was done in collaboration with members of NFPA, Lund University and Movement Strategies.


Harry is from Fleet, Hampshire. He graduated from the Imperial Mechanical Engineering Department in 2019, having collaborated with Hazelab on a number of coursework and outreach projects.

During his undergraduate life, Harry was the academic departmental representative for two consecutive years, during which he helped improve the undergraduate course, working with both staff and students.

He also lived in student halls as a hall senior for three years, helping organize and run events and activities for students.



Mitchell H, Rein G, 2020, Matlab Code for PERIL (Population Evacuation tRigger aLgorithm)

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