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Faculty of MedicineInstitute of Clinical Sciences

Honorary Senior Lecturer



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4.15ELMS BuildingHammersmith Campus






Lennicke C, Cocheme HM, 2021, Redox metabolism: ROS as specific molecular regulators of cell signaling and function, Molecular Cell, Vol:81, ISSN:1097-2765, Pages:3691-3707

Lennicke C, Cocheme H, 2021, Redox regulation of the insulin signalling pathway, Redox Biology, Vol:42, ISSN:2213-2317

Lennicke C, dos Santos E, Cocheme HM, 2020, Sugar-induced dysregulation of purine metabolism impacts lifespan, Aging-us, Vol:12, ISSN:1945-4589, Pages:24479-24480

Bjedov I, Cocheme HM, Foley A, et al., 2020, Fine-tuning autophagy maximises lifespan and is associated with changes in mitochondrial gene expression in Drosophila, Plos Genetics, Vol:16, ISSN:1553-7390, Pages:1-33

van Dam E, van Leeuwen LAG, Dos Santos E, et al., 2020, Sugar-induced obesity and insulin resistance are uncoupled from shortened survival in Drosophila, Cell Metabolism, Vol:31, ISSN:1550-4131, Pages:710-725

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