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Dr HeeJung (HJ) Jung

Business School

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship



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am an assistant professor in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at Imperial College London. I obtained a PhD in Management from INSEAD.

My research focuses on social evaluations and non-regulatory factors that promote or hinder diversity and (in)equality in organizations, with an emphasising on corporate leadership such as entrepreneurial teams, top echelons and elite workers. I am also dedicated to applying scientific methods and interventions to promote the inclusiveness of historically marginalized groups in the corporate world. My research has been published in top management journals such as Academy of Management Journal and Organization Science.

My research has also been featured in major North American, European and Asian newswires and business titles, including Time Magazine, Fortune, Forbes, Canada Today, and Maeil Business Newspaper, as well as in leading tech news sites such as Diginomica.

I have taught entrepreneurship and diversity therein to MSc, MBA, engineering and medical school students. I am the recipient of an Excellent Teaching Award for Inclusive Teaching, awarded solely based on student voting. I have also acted as a jury member in major startup competitions in UK and in North America including ShellLiveWire and QEC. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Jung H, Lee YG, Park SH, 2022, Just diverse among themselves: how does negative performance feedback affect boards' expertise vs. ascriptive diversity?, Organization Science, Vol:34, ISSN:1047-7039, Pages:509-986

Chan TH, Lee YG, Jung H, 2021, Anchored differentiation: the role of temporal distance in the comparison and evaluation of new product designs, Organization Science, Vol:32, ISSN:1047-7039, Pages:1523-1541

Jung H, Vissa B, Pich M, 2017, How do entrepreneurial founding teams allocate task positions?, Academy of Management Journal, Vol:60, ISSN:0001-4273, Pages:264-294

More Publications