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Dr. Hui Xu is a researcher in the group of LFC-UK in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics section in Departement of Mathematics, and the project LFC-UK is funded by EPSRC, Airbus and EADS-IW. Dr Hui Xu, before joining the LFC research group at Imperial College, worked with Prof. Pierre Sagaut at Institut Jean le Rond d’Alembert in Université Pierre et Marie CURIE. His researches are focused on hydrodynamic instability, aerodynamics/aeroacoustics, turbulence, numerical analysis and computational methods. His particular studies include the dispersion/dissipation analysis of numerical schemes, and multiscale analysis. Dr Hui Xu is currently working on the receptivity and instability of the boundary-layer transition stages and addressing the influences of free stream disturbance, wavy wall, blowing and suction, external acoustic waves on the instability in the boundary layer. The simulations are implemented in Nektar .



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