Imperial College London


Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Aeronautics

Honorary Research Fellow







363Roderic Hill BuildingSouth Kensington Campus




Researche Interests

  • Laminar-turbulent transition
  • Low-dispersion low-dissipation numerical schemes
  • Uncertainty of noise in Aeroacoustics
  • Numerical analysis & Computations: Macro numerical methods of finite-family, Mesoscopic numerical methods & applications
  • Turbulence modelling & Complex fluid flows

Selected Publications

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  1. Two-level Newtons method for nonlinear elliptic PDEs, Journal of Scientific Computing, 57 (1) (2013) : 124-145. (With Y. He, Y. Zhang)
  2. Analysis of the absorbing layers for the weakly-compressible lattice Boltzmann methods, Journal of Computational Physics, 245 (15) (2013): 14-42. (With P. Sagaut)
  3. A Lifting Relation from Macroscopic Variables to Mesoscopic Variables in Lattice Boltzmann Method: Derivation, Numerical Assessments and Coupling Computations Validation, Computers & fluids, 54 (30) 2012: 92-104. (With H. Luan, Y. He, W. Tao)
  4. Sensitivity analysis and determination of free relaxation parameters for the weakly-compressible MRT-LBM schemes, Journal of Computational Physics, 231 (21)(2012): 7335-7367. (With M. Orestis, P. Sagaut)
  5. Optimal low-dispersion low-dissipation LBM schemes for computational aeroacoustics, Journal of Computational Physics, 230 (13) (2011): 5353-5382. (With P. Sagaut)