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Huizhi Wang is a senior lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and a member of the Electrochemical Science & Engineering Group. She received her PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hong Kong in 2012. She then worked at the University of Hong Kong as a postdoctoral fellow until 2014. Prior to joining Imperial College, she was an assistant professor in the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. Her research interest lies in electrochemical energy engineering with a particular focus on the thermofluid aspects of electrochemical energy conversion and storage systems including fuel cells, batteries and electrolysers. She is also interested in advanced manufacturing (e.g., microfluidic-based fabrication, additive manufacturing) and diagnostic techniques for electrochemical energy applications. She has over 50 journal publications and 8 patents. Her research is supported by EPSRC, EU H2020, Scottish Funding Council and industrial sponsors.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Zhakeyev A, Wang P, Zhang L, et al., 2017, Additive manufacturing: unlocking the evolution of energy materials, Advanced Science, Vol:4, ISSN:2198-3844

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More Publications