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Dr Huw Woodward is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Environmental Policy. His research interests include air quality exposure and impacts on human health, the nitrogen cycle and the impact of atmospheric nitrogen on natural habitats, future land use and agriculture, and dealing with uncertainties in environmental modelling. 

Huw is a member of the Integrated Assessment Unit (IAU) and works on the Support for National Air Pollution Control Strategies (SNAPCS) project, supporting the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in their development of UK air quality policy, including the setting of targets for harmful PM2.5 concentrations by 2040 as required by the Environment Act 2021. Huw leads the IAU's work on uncertainty analysis, ecosystem impacts of air pollutants and future UK land use.

Huw has expertise in a broad range of air quality modelling methods, including local-scale computational fluid mechanics and Gaussian plume modelling, and national scale policy-orientated modelling of population exposure. 

Huw completed his PhD in fracture mechanics at the University of Manchester where he developed a method for modelling the propagation of cracks in structures.

Reports for Defra:

ApSimon H, Oxley T, Woodward H, Mehlig D, Holland M, 2023. Analysis of abatement options to reduce PM2.5 concentrations, Defra contract report: SNAPCS project, Support for National Air Pollution Control Strategies, February 2023,

ApSimon H, Oxley T, Woodward H, 2019. The contribution of shipping emissions to pollutant concentrations and nitrogen deposition across the UK, Defra contract report: SNAPCS project, Support for National Air Pollution Control Strategies, December 2019 (updated February 2021).

Report for the Atmospheric Dispersion Liaison Committee on the limits of Gaussian plume modelling at short time and length scales:

Woodward H, Gallacher D, Robins A, Seaton M, ApSimon H, 2021. A review of the applicability of Gaussian modelling techniques to near-field dispersion, ADMLC project ADMLC-R11. 



Woodward H, Schroeder A, de Nazelle A, et al., 2023, Do we need high temporal resolution modelling of exposure in urban areas? A test case, Science of the Total Environment, Vol:885, ISSN:0048-9697, Pages:163711-163711

ApSimon H, Oxley T, Woodward H, et al., 2023, Integrated assessment modelling of future air quality in the UK to 2050, and synergies with net-zero strategies, Atmosphere, Vol:14, ISSN:2073-4433, Pages:1-21

Oxley T, Vieno M, Woodward H, et al., 2023, Reduced-form and complex Actm modelling for air quality policy development: a model inter-comparison, Environment International, Vol:171, ISSN:0160-4120, Pages:1-13

Woodward H, de Kreij RJB, Kruger ES, et al., 2022, An evaluation of the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19 on an inter-city train carriage, Indoor Air, Vol:32, ISSN:0905-6947

Woodward H, Schroeder A, Le Cornec C, et al., 2022, High resolution modelling of traffic emissions using the large eddy simulation code Fluidity, Atmosphere, Vol:13, ISSN:2073-4433

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