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Biographical details

Ioannis Bakolis is senior lecturer in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. Before joining King’s College, Ioannis have previously held research positions at Imperial College London (2013-2015) and (2008-2012) and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (2012-2013). During that time, Ioannis completed a PhD in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at Imperial College London (2013) under the supervision of Prof. Peter Burney and Prof. Richard Hooper.

Research Interests

Dr Ioannis Bakolis is interested in how social, built and physical environments affect the epidemiology of both physical and mental health. Some examples of Ioannis current work include exploring how exposure to road-traffic air and noise pollution affect mental disorders; and how neighbourhood deprivation relate to mental health over the life course. Ioannis is also a member of the core team of the Urban Mind project involving the development and use of smartphone technologies to monitor the impact of the surrounding physical and social environment on population mental health in real time. Although not exclusively, much of Ioannis work is conducted within large population-based surveys; birth cohorts and routinely collected information stemming from smartphone technologies and electronic health records.

Ioannis research interests also extend to the use of quasi-experimental methods and data from hybrid trials on the evaluation and implementation of population health interventions and nationwide policies. Ioannis is a co-I and lead statistician of INDIGO and EMILIA, two recently MRC-funded projects which aim to tackle stigma and discrimination in 6 LMIC countries; TIDES, a study funded by the Wellcome Trust  for developing an intervention framework to address the role of discrimination by healthcare practitioners in generating and perpetuating health inequalities.

Ioannis is also interested in issues of causal inference and statistical methods for intensive longitudinal data as they relate to his work.

Research themes

  • Urban environment and mental health
  • Social and environment stressors and mental health over the life course
  • Natural experiments
  • Hybrid trials

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Carruthers S, Kinnaird E, Rudra A, et al., 2018, A cross-cultural study of autistic traits across India, Japan and the UK, Molecular Autism, Vol:9, ISSN:2040-2392

Bakolis I, Hammoud R, Smythe M, et al., 2018, Urban Mind: Using Smartphone Technologies to Investigate the Impact of Nature on Mental-Well-Being in Real Time, Bioscience, Vol:68, ISSN:0006-3568, Pages:134-145

Bakolis I, Kelly R, Fecht D, et al., 2016, Protective Effects of Smoke-free Legislation on Birth Outcomes in England: A Regression Discontinuity Design, Epidemiology, Vol:27, ISSN:1531-5487, Pages:810-818

Garcia Larsen V, Amigo H, Bustos P, et al., 2015, Ventilatory function in young adults and dietary antioxidant intake, Nutrients, Vol:7, ISSN:2072-6643, Pages:2879-2896

Bakolis I, Doekes G, Zock JP, et al., 2011, Respiratory health and endotoxin – associations and modification by CD14/-260 genotype, European Respiratory Journal (ahead of Print)

Bakolis I, Hooper R, Thompson RL, et al., 2010, Dietary patterns and adult asthma: population-based case-control study, Allergy, Vol:65, ISSN:0105-4538, Pages:606-615

More Publications