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Iva Diakonov is a Research Associate in the Functional Microscopy group, National Heart and Lung Institute.

Dr Ivan Diakonov  graduated from Leningrad State University, now  in St Petersburg , Russia. His interest is in cellular responses to the environment in particular when cells are placed in three-dimensional matrix. He obtained his PhD in the Institute of Cytology, St Petersburg, Russia. His work then was related to immobilisation of various cells in polysaccharides and how it changes their behaviour.

His later career was in tissue engineering. He worked on the development of a bioartificial liver assist device, pancreatic endocrine tissue, skin grafting for the treatment of burns . Most recently he took part in the development of a bioartificial tooth replacement implant .

He joined the Functional Microscopy group in his current position to provide skills in stem cells and molecular biology.



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Wright PT, Bhogal N, Diakonov I, et al., 2018, Cardiomyocyte membrane structure and cAMP compartmentation produce anatomical variation in β2AR-cAMP responsiveness in murine hearts, Cell Reports, Vol:23, ISSN:2211-1247, Pages:459-469

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