Imperial College London

DrIsabelGarcia Perez

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction

Senior Lecturer in Precision and Systems Medicine







101Sir Alexander Fleming BuildingSouth Kensington Campus






Serrano-Contreras JI, Lindon JC, Frost G, et al., 2024, Implementation of pure shift 1 H NMR in metabolic phenotyping for structural information recovery of biofluid metabolites with complex spin systems, Nmr in Biomedicine, Vol:37, ISSN:0952-3480

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Walsh LH, Walsh AM, Garcia-Perez I, et al., 2023, Comparison of the relative impacts of acute consumption of an inulin-enriched diet, milk kefir or a commercial probiotic product on the human gut microbiome and metabolome, Npj Science of Food, Vol:7

Frampton J, Serrano Contreras J, Garcia Perez I, et al., 2023, The metabolic interplay between dietary carbohydrate and exercise and its role in acute appetite-regulation in males: a randomised controlled study, The Journal of Physiology, Vol:601, ISSN:0022-3751, Pages:3461-3480

Churchward MA, Michaud ER, Mullish BH, et al., 2023, Short-chain fatty and carboxylic acid changes associated with fecal microbiota transplant communally influence microglial inflammation, Heliyon, Vol:9, ISSN:2405-8440, Pages:1-16

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