Imperial College London

Dr Imad M. Jaimoukha

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Senior Lecturer



+44 (0)20 7594 6279i.jaimouka Website




617Electrical EngineeringSouth Kensington Campus





Dr Jaimoukha's main research focus is on modelling and robust control design. His research interests include:

  • Robust model predictive control
  • Fault detection and isolation
  • Fault tolerant control design
  • Model reduction for large scale systems

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Segundo Sevilla FR, Jaimoukha I, Chaudhuri B, et al., 2015, A semidefinite relaxation procedure for fault-tolerant observer design, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol:60, ISSN:0018-9286, Pages:3332-3337

Tahir F, Jaimoukha IM, 2015, Low-complexity polytopic invariant sets for linear systems subject to norm-bounded uncertainty, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol:60, ISSN:0018-9286, Pages:1416-1421

Zhang Z, Jaimoukha IM, 2014, On-line fault detection and isolation for linear discrete-time uncertain systems, Automatica, Vol:50, ISSN:0005-1098, Pages:513-518

Segundo Sevilla FR, Jaimoukha I, Chaudhuri B, et al., 2014, Fault-tolerant Control Design to Enhance Damping of Inter-areaOscillations in Power Grids, International Journal in Robust and Nonlinear Control, Accepted,

Tahir F, Jaimoukha IM, 2013, Causal state-feedback parameterizations in robust model predictive control, Automatica, Vol:49, Pages:2675-2682

Kiskiras J, Jaimoukha IM, Halikias GD, 2013, An explicit state-space solution to the one-block super-optimal distance problem, Mathematics of Control, Signals and Systems (mcss), Vol:25, Pages:167-196

Tahir F, Jaimoukha IM, 2013, Robust Feedback Model Predictive Control of Constrained Uncertain Systems, Journal of Process Control, Vol:23, Pages:189-200

Ahmed S, Kerrigan EC, Jaimoukha IJ, 2012, A Semidefinite Relaxation-Based Algorithm for Robust Attitude Estimation, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Vol:60, ISSN:1053-587X, Pages:3942-3952

Li Z, Mazars E, Zhang Z, et al., 2012, State–space solution to the ℋ−/ℋ∞ fault-detection problem, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, Vol:22, Pages:282-299

More Publications