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Faculty of MedicineSchool of Public Health

Research Associate in Chemometrics/Metabolomics



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I am a Research Associate in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

My research interests lie in the field of metabolomics and chemometrics. To be more specific, these include design of experiments, data pre-processing, data quality control and multivariate data analysis. 

I joined Imperial College in 2013 as a Research Assistant before being awarded a PhD in "Animal Science" by Aarhus University in 2014.

My work in Imperial College covers:

- Developing workflows on pre-processing metabolomics data from UPLC-MS and NMR spectroscopy

- Quality control of metabolomics data

- Applications of various multivariate analysis tools on the metabolomics data

- Cross-correlation analysis of multi-platform metabolomics data

- Metabolic pathway analysis



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