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Ioannis Konstantelos is a Research Fellow working on the optimisation and control of energy systems. His research focuses on the integration of renewables and the role of new technologies such as energy storage and demand-side schemes. He has published extensively on how these new technologies can provide flexibility and help manage uncertainty at operation as well long-term planning timescales. Ioannis analyses energy systems by developing new computational methods including: optimisation, problem decomposition and convexification, statistical learning, uncertainty quantification and Monte Carlo sampling.



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Heylen E, Papadaskalopoulos D, Konstantelos I, et al., 2020, Dynamic modelling of consumers’ inconvenience associated with demand flexibility potentials, Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks, Vol:21, ISSN:2352-4677, Pages:1-13

Oulis Rousis A, Konstantelos I, Strbac G, 2020, A Planning Model for a Hybrid AC–DC Microgrid Using a Novel GA/AC OPF Algorithm, Ieee Transactions on Power Systems, Vol:35, ISSN:0885-8950, Pages:227-237


Konstantelos I, Wiebe J, Moss R, et al., 2022, Fab-Wide Scheduling of Semiconductor Plants: A Large-Scale Industrial Deployment Case Study, Pages:3297-3308, ISSN:0891-7736

Cremer JL, Konstantelos I, Strbac G, 2020, Optimized operation rules for imbalanced classes, 2019 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM), IEEE, Pages:1-5

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