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Ioanna is a pharmaceutical scientist developing biomaterials for the administration of genes, cells and small molecules. She is a UKRI Future Leader Fellow and heads the preclinical R&D team of Sixfold Bioscience, a London-based biotech that develops RNA delivery systems. Ioanna is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London and member of the Strategic Advisory Board at the Royce Institute of Advanced Materials.

Ioanna is currently developing formulations for therapeutic RNA delivery.

Throughout her career she developed stem cell delivery formulations for regenerative therapies, silicon-based biomaterials, bioreducible polymeric nanoparticles, exosomes for the intracellular delivery of gene therapies and transfection of T-cells for CAR T-cell therapies. During her PhD at the University of Geneva (CH), she developed depot sustained release systems. Ioanna’s career pathway was always marked by translational horizons. In 2018, she co-founded Experoment Ltd, securing Letters of Intent of total value of £500k/p.a and establishing the business case for cloud-based synthetic biology. In 2012-2017, she worked with Aptissen S.A. (CH) on the production, scaling and regulatory concerns involved in the entry of a pharmaceutical product to the market.

Ioanna's work featured in the cover story of the Journal of Controlled Release and was recognized for the significance of its conclusions, in the drug delivery systems design. She has also published at Biomaterials and International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Full list of publications available here.



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