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Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Energy



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Reports and Briefing Papers

I. Staffell, R. Green, R. Gross and T. Green, G. Wilson, 2017.  Electric Insights Quarterly: 2016Q4.

I. Staffell, R. Green, R. Gross and T. Green, 2016.  Electric Insights Quarterly: 2016Q3.

I. Staffell, P. Dodds, D. Scamman, A. Velazquez Abad, N. Mac Dowell, K. Ward, P. Agnolucci, L. Papageorgiou, N. Shah and P. Ekins, 2017. The role of hydrogen and fuel cells in the future energy systems. H2FC Supgergen: London, UK.

P.E. Dodds, A. Hawkes, W. McDowall, F. Li, I. Staffell, P. Grünewald, T. Kansara, P. Ekins and P. Agnolucci.  2014.  The role of hydrogen and fuel cells in providing affordable, secure low-carbon heat.  H2FC Supergen: London, UK.

R. Green and I. Staffell, 2013.  The Impact of Government Interventions on Investment in the GB Electricity Market.  Expert Opinion for the European Commission State Aid Decision SA.34947 on UK Electricity Market Reform ‒ Contract for Difference for the Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Power Station.

Guest Lectures

UK Microgeneration : Field Trials & Tribulations, Institution of Civil Engineers, London, 2012

Results from the Baxi Fuel Cell Field Trial, SCRATCH Consortium, Birmingham, 2009