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Irtiza Gilani, BEng, MS, PhD is MRI Physicist/Medical Image Analyst (Professional Staff) at Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College London since 2020. He has more than 14 years of professional experience in this field. He has lead role in professional services for enhancing the capabilities of the MR facility at Hammersmith Hospital through development of Siemens specific sequences for human heart and brain. 

With background in engineering and physics, his doctoral training was focused on quantitative relaxation rate mapping in MRI. He obtained his doctoral degree Dr.rer.nat. from Technical University of Dortmund (Germany) in Nov. 2008.  

Between 2010-2020, during post-doctoral period in his career, he held research support positions in the field of human brain MRI physics at several renowned institutes. Most prominently at Aalto University (Finland) where his research was on the rotating frame relaxometry during 2010-2012, and at Bilkent University (Turkey) where he developed data processing pipelines for highly accelerated MRI of brain during 2013-2015. Minor experiences were gained at other international institutes like University Hospital Bern (Switzerland) and UCL (UK).

Formerly, during different roles, he has acquired skills in working with multivendor platforms, such as Siemens 1.5T & 3T, GE 3T, Philips 3T and Toshiba 1.5T systems. Moreover, he has worked as consultant of MRI physics.