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Dr Jang Ah Kim

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering


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Research Highlights

miniature Probes For Rapid Detection of Bacteria

Jang Ah Kim, Dominic J. Wales, Alex J. Thompson,* and Guang-Zhong Yang*, "Fiber‐Optic SERS Probes Fabricated Using Two‐Photon Polymerization For Rapid Detection of Bacteria", Advanced Optical Materials, 2020 May, 1901934

In this work, I developed SERS-on-a-Tip probes using 2-photon polymerisation (2PP), which is a 3D-printing technology in micro-scale, on tips of 220 um-thick optical fibres (about twice of human hair thickness). These probes can offer an excellent remote, fast sensing capability for bacteria detection in micro-scale environment, such as surgical interventions and minimally-invasive surgeries (MISs).

This work was selected as the cover picture. For more information, check out the Open Access article here:

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