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Initially I joined the Department of Electrical Engineering here at Imperial College and then had a spell as a postdoc at Harvard. Afterwards I migrated to the Department of Computing and Control at Imperial College when it was being established, to help set it up, and then returned to the Electrical Engineering Department. I have been associated with the Centre for Process Systems Engineering since it was founded and have been a member of the Control & Power Group of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department

I retired and became an Honorary member of staff in 2009.

In the distant past I enjoyed (mostly) teaching: programmingprogram correctness, grammars, graph theory, linear algebra, optimisation, optimal control, mathematics of systems engineering (including probability and stochastic processes).

More recently, I taught MEng and Control Systems MSc courses on Discrete-time Systems and Computer Control, Stability and Control of Nonlinear Systems and a Control Systems MSc course on Advanced Process Control (essentially Model Predictive Control).  And I was the Director of the Control Systems MSc course and Postgraduate Admissions Tutor for the Control & Power Group.

Now that I have retired I hope to have time to pursue enthusiastically research on optimizaton theory and algorithms and their application to control, on the control of time-varying linear systems and on nonlinear systems. 



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