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I have always been interested in finite- and infinite-dimensional optimization as well as linear and nonlinear system theory and algorithms. Work on robot and aircraft control has been carried out. A letter from the IEE which I had binned unopened, thinking it was a chaser about a late referee's report for a paper, turned out (after my conscience got the better of me) to contain the news that I had been awarded the F.C. Williams Premium of the  IEE in 1999 for my first paper on Lyapunov transformations. 

I am now retired, am an honorary member of ICL and hope to continue working on aspects of the following topics:

  • Optimization algorithms and positive semi-definite programming
  • Model predictive control
  • Linear time-varying systems
  • Optimal experiment design

on which some of my final set of research students worked,  These included

  • H. Mu, Predictive control of linear uncertain systems, PhD 2007
  • K, Chaisanguanmitt, Stabiity assessment, control and obervers for time-varying linear systems, PhD 2007
  • K.M. Al-Wahedi, Distributed constrained control with partial knowledge of the initial conditions, PhD, 2008
  • R.A. Sasongko, Optimization over symmetric positive semi-definite matrices using canonical hulls, PhD, 2008
  • C.Quintero, Use of simple models to improve the solution of predictive control problems, PhD, 2009
  • I.D. Symonds, Modelling and control of a deuterium pellet extruder, MPhil executed mostly at EURATOM/UKAEA Fusion Association, Culham Science Centre, 2010
  • C. Zhu, Optimal experiment design and model reduction, PhD, 2011.