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  • Learning Though Word-of-Mouth (submitted)
  • Does social closeness crowd-out savings? (submitted)
  • Advertising Quality in Social Networks (Working Paper)

Data Mining

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  • Characterizing Political Fake News in Twitter by its Meta-Data with Miguel Molina Solana (submitted)
  • Political Participation in Mexico Through Twitter with Carlos Piña García (Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Complex Networks and Their Applications.)
  • Political Participation in Mexico Offline and through Twitter with Carlos Piña García (Forthcoming as a book chapter at Online Communities as Agents of Change and Social Movements)
  • Online Activism in Mexico through Twitter with Carlos Piña García
  • From Neuroscience to Computer Science: A Topical Approach on Twitter with Carlos Piña García, J. Mario Siqueiros-Garcia, Eduardo Robles-Belmont, Gustavo Carreón and Carlos Gershenson (submitted)

Public Opinion

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  • Correlates of Pessimism: Attitudes Towards British Involvement in Afghanistan with Tom Scotto, Jason Reifler, Harold Clarke, David Sanders, Marianne Stewart and Paul Whiteley (IDCR Briefing paper)
  • Predicting the Brexit Vote by Tracking and Classifying Public Opinion Using Twitter Data with Sofia Collignon-Delmar and Kenneth Benoit (submitted)
  • Words Matter: The Relationship between presidential speeches and homicides in Mexico with Ricardo Massa and Gustavo Fondevila (submitted)