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Dr Jesús Barrio Hermida

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Imperial College Research Fellow







Royal School of MinesSouth Kensington Campus





Jesús Barrio Hermida received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid, Spain) in 2014, where he got in touch for the first time with chemical research whilst working in the synthesis and characterization of Fe and Cu coordination polymers in the Inorganic Chemistry department.

In 2016, he obtained his Master in Nanoscience and Molecular Nanotechnology from the same institution. His Master Thesis, carried out at the IMDEA Nanoscience Institute entailed the formation of controlled assemblies of plasmonic building blocks and was directed by Dr. Beatriz H. Juárez and Prof. Félix Zamora.

Due to a scholarship in the Erasmus program, he moved to the Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces (Potsdam, Germany) for pursuing his doctoral studies, and in September 2016, he joined the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Beer-Sheva, Israel) along with his PhD supervisor, Prof. Menny Shalom, where he obtained his PhD in May 2020. His doctoral thesis focused on the design of metal-free carbon nitride materials for photo-electrocatalytic applications.

In June 2020 he joined the Materials Department at Imperial College as a Research Associate for working along with Dr. Ifan Stephens and Prof. Magda Titirici in the design of hybrid metal-carbon composites for different electrochemical applications. His research covers the synthesis of carbon-based materials for different energy-related scenarios.


Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Barrio J, Pedersen A, Sarma SC, et al., 2023, FeNC Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalyst with High Utilization Penta-Coordinated Sites, Advanced Materials, Vol:35, ISSN:0935-9648

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Barrio J, Pedersen A, Favero S, et al., 2023, Bioinspired and Bioderived Aqueous Electrocatalysis, Chemical Reviews, ISSN:0009-2665

Barrio Hermida J, Pedersen A, Feng J, et al., 2022, Metal coordination in C2N-like materials towards dual atom catalysts for oxygen reduction, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, ISSN:2050-7488

Pedersen A, Barrio J, Li A, et al., 2022, Dual-Metal Atom Electrocatalysts: Theory, Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications, Advanced Energy Materials, Vol:12, ISSN:1614-6832

Qin J, Barrio J, Peng G, et al., 2020, Direct growth of uniform carbon nitride layers with extended optical absorption towards efficient water-splitting photoanodes, Nature Communications, Vol:11, ISSN:2041-1723

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Barrio J, Mateo D, Albero J, et al., 2019, A Heterogeneous Carbon Nitride–Nickel Photocatalyst for Efficient Low-Temperature CO<inf>2</inf> Methanation, Advanced Energy Materials, Vol:9, ISSN:1614-6832

More Publications