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Ms Jerusa Brignardello Guerra

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction

Research Postgraduate



ICTEM buildingHammersmith Campus





A trained dietitian from the University of Valparaiso, Chile, Jerusa is very enthusiastic about bridging the gap between nutritional systems biology and health policy-making. After her first degree and an MSc in Nutrition and Food from the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INTA) at the University of Chile, she devoted her time to working as a research coordinator of nutrition-based clinical trials at INTA and as a lecturer of Human Nutrition at the University of Desarrollo, Chile for over five years. She also worked as an International Consultant at the World Food Programme of the United Nations in Panama where her main role was to design nutritional strategies and food products to tackle the double burden of malnutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean. She worked for Nutrigenomix, a University of Toronto start-up biotechnology company dedicated to providing nutritional genomic information and personalised nutrition to healthcare professionals.

Jerusa is currently in the last year of her doctoral program at Imperial College London, where she is investigating the effects of different dietary patterns on metabolism using state-of-the-art metabolic phenotyping techniques. She hopes to contribute solutions to some of the problems of public health nutrition by including “omics” approaches to nutrition research and how scientific evidence on diet is translated into policy and practice, by government, industry, the public health community and the media to improve the health of individuals and populations. 


Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Byrne C, Chambers E, Brignardello J, et al., 2019, Effects of inulin propionate ester incorporated into palatable food products on appetite and resting energy expenditure: a randomised crossover study, Nutrients, Vol:11, ISSN:2072-6643

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Byrne C, Preston T, Brignardello J, et al., 2018, The effect of L-rhamnose on intestinal transit time, short chain fatty acids and appetite regulation: a pilot human study using combined 13CO2 / H2 breath tests, Journal of Breath Research, Vol:12, ISSN:1752-7155

Morales P, Fujio S, Navarrete P, et al., 2016, Impact of Dietary Lipids on Colonic Function and Microbiota: An Experimental Approach Involving Orlistat-Induced Fat Malabsorption in Human Volunteers, Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology, Vol:7, ISSN:2155-384X, Pages:e161-e161

Brignardello J, Morales P, Diaz E, et al., 2010, Pilot study: alterations of intestinal microbiota in obese humans are not associated with colonic inflammation or disturbances of barrier function, Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Vol:32, ISSN:0269-2813, Pages:1307-1314


Brignardello J, Holmes E, Garcia-Perez I, 2017, Metabolic phenotyping of diet and dietary Intake, Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, Pages:231-270, ISBN:978-0-12-811916-7

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