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Jane Bruton

Faculty of MedicineSchool of Public Health

Clinical Research Manager







VA1Praed StreetSt Mary's Campus





I am the Clinical Research Manager in the Patient Experience Research Centre (PERC). I have been a Nurse for 38 years and have worked primarily in HIV and Sexual Health. I also have a background in Medical Anthropology.

My expertise is in patient involvement in health care, clinical nursing care, HIV and qualitative research.

Within PERC I have completed and published a qualitative study looking at the patient and staff experience of the nursing handover within acute ward settings.

I am currently analysing our study “Understanding the individual journeys of people living with HIV in the context of changing guidelines and care pathways”. I am part of a team evaluating the impact of an Experience Based Co-design Project in cancer outpatient services.

I teach on a number of courses at Imperial and Kings regarding Qualitative Research Methods, Civil Society and HIV, NHS and the Workforce and HIV and Nursing.


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Evans C, Bennett J, Croston M, Brito-Ault N, Bruton (2015) “In reality, it is complex and difficult”: UK nurses' perspectives on “treatment as prevention” within HIV care” AIDS Care, 27:6, 753-757, DOI: 10.1080/09540121.2014.1002826



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