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Research Fellow



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Research Fellow and Lecturer, Centre for Environmental Policy , Imperial College London, UK

Research - International development, energy technology; sustainable development, policy & energy markets; modelling energy and policy; political economy; Latin America, China, Asia & Africa

Issues of globalization, poverty and environment; Research methodology; social sciences approaches; interdisiciplinary studies

Teaching and supervision - Lecture and supervise post-graduates and PhDs



Al-Sarihi A, Cherni JA, 2018, Assessing strengths and weaknesses of renewable energy initiatives in Oman: an analysis with strategic niche management, Energy Transitions, Vol:2, ISSN:2520-1166, Pages:15-29

Martins R, Cherni JA, Videira N, 2018, 2MBio, a novel tool to encourage creative participatory conceptual design of bioenergy systems - The case of wood fuel energy systems in south Mozambique, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol:172, ISSN:0959-6526, Pages:3890-3906

Curry C, Cherni JA, Mapako M, 2017, The potential and reality of the solar water heater programme in South African townships: Lessons from the City of Tshwane, Energy Policy, Vol:106, ISSN:0301-4215, Pages:75-84

Cherni JA, Olalde Font R, Serrano L, et al., 2016, Systematic Assessment of Carbon Emissions from Renewable Energy Access to Improve Rural Livelihoods, Energies, Vol:9, ISSN:1996-1073

Cherni JA, Olalde, R., et al., Energy technology innovation for rural communities. The case of Manantiales, Cuba, Revista Centro Agrícola

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