Imperial College London

Dr Judith A. Alazraque Cherni

Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Honorary Research Fellow



+44 (0)20 7594 7316j.cherni




708Weeks BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Advanced Research Fellow and Part-time Lecturer, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, UK

Main areas of research are energy modelling for clean and sustainable development and energy access; renewable energy technology; environmental policy, energy markets, and climate change. Have focused mostly on all developing regions including Latin America, China, Asia & Africa. Other areas of interest are health consequences of agribusiness and environmental degradation; air pollution and ill health. These research areas are often associated with macro political economy, development and sustainability, mostly in poor and emerging economies;.

Expertise on multidisciplinary studies and interdisciplinary methods involving environment, technology, policy and development. 

Principal investigator of numerous international projects covering subjects such as multi-criteria approaches and energy access in off-grid areas, climate change communication, and transformation of domestic waste through dry-fermentation, particularly in growing towns.  



Al-Sarihi A, Cherni JA, 2023, Political economy of renewable energy transition in rentier states: The case of Oman, Environmental Policy and Governance, Vol:33, ISSN:1756-932X, Pages:423-439

Franceschi FF, Vega LT, Sanches-Pereira A, et al., 2022, A combined approach to improve municipal solid waste management in upper-middle-income countries: the case of Sabana Centro, Colombia, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, Vol:24, ISSN:1618-954X, Pages:2547-2562

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