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Jeff Clark is a PhD student working jointly between the Biomechanics group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, under the supervision of Jonathan Jeffers and Ulrich Hansen, and Julian Jones in the Department of Materials. He joined Imperial in October 2016. His research focuses on using three dimensional correlative imaging to reveal the biomechanical properties of biological tissue and novel biomaterials for tissue regeneration. He is working with a multidisciplinary team to develop biomaterial implants for regenerating damaged cartilage and bone.

Prior to joining the Biomechanics Group, Jeff spent four years working in research:
Cardiff University (Anaesthetics): Upscaling and development of a realistic epidural simulator; A novel anaesthetic delivery device; running an industry-facing internationally renowned medical device testing lab.
University of Cambridge (Haematology): Developing HIV diagnostic tests for use in resource-limited areas.

Jeff obtained an MEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick with third and fourth year projects in 3-D printing of multi-scale porous biocement scaffolds for ligament attachment and Optimal design of orthoses for treatment of intermittent claudication respectively.

Outside of the lab Jeff likes to encourage others on their STEM path, both on his Savvy Scientist website and elsewhere. Jeff is passionate about environmental issues and was president of the Imperial College Environmental Society 2018-2019.



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