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Dr Jonathan M Clarke

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Mathematics

Research Associate in Health Network Science



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Jonathan is a surgical trainee and academic at Imperial College London where he is undertaking a PhD in the Centre for Health Policy and Centre for the Mathematics of Precision Healthcare. He is applying the computational techniques of network analysis and queuing theory to investigate the resilience and equity of modern health systems.

He has recently completed a Masters in Public Health at Harvard University as a Kennedy Scholar. His research explores the interface between health and society in modern, data-driven health systems.

Jonathan graduated from the University of Cambridge where he studied Anthropology and Clinical Medicine as a Windsor Bachelor Scholar at Emmanuel College. He began his clinical career as an Academic Foundation Programme doctor in London, before being appointed as an Academic Clinical Fellow in General Surgery at Imperial College London.

He is fascinated by the delivery of healthcare in its broader societal context. He focuses on how the vast array of available health and social information may be harnessed to address health inequality in the United Kingdom and internationally.

He has worked internationally with the United Nations, World Health Organization, M├ędecins du Monde and the Francois Xavier Bagnoud Centre for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University to document the human rights infringements across Europe that result from discriminatory health policies towards migrants.

Presently he is investigating the interface between politics and healthcare in modern health systems in the United Kingdom, the United States and East and Southeast Asia.



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