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Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Immunology and Inflammation

Professor of Haemostasis



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Research Interests

I have research interests in basic molecular mechanisms associated with haemostasis and vascular biology. My current research portfolio consists of several grants (see below) in collaboration with other Imperial College researchers, as well as collaborators from other universities.


Current Grants

  1. £150,000, 2015/4 years BHF MRes/PhD Studentship (Crawley/Woollard/Salles-Crawley) “Platelet and Leukocyte Priming and its Role in Atherothrombosis”
  2. £818,887, 2015/3 years MRC Project (Crawley/Emsley) “ADAMTS13 structure and the molecular basis of VWF recognition and cleavage”
  3. £200,840, 2015/3 years BHF Project (South/Crawley/Lane/Salles-Crawley/Ahnstrom) “The spacer-CUB domain interaction and its importance in controlling the action of ADAMTS13 against VWF”
  4. £139,886, 2015/2 years BHF Project (Salles-Crawley/Crawley) “The role of endothelial BAMBI in haemostasis and thrombus stability”
  5. £198,242, 2015/3 years BHF Project (Ahnstrom/Crawley/Lane) “Factor V as a synergistic cofactor together with protein S in the inhibition of FXa by TFPI”
  6. £172,406, 2014/3 years Imperial Junior Research Fellowship (de Groot/Crawley) “Targeting the ADAMTS7/COMP axis and its role in coronary heart disease”
  7. £123,928, 2014/3 years BHF PhD Studentship (Crawley/de Groot/Salles-Crawley) “Allosteric Activation of ADAMTS13”
  8. £192,174, 2014/3 years BHF Project (Ahnstrom/Crawley/Lane) “The SHBG domain of protein S: its role as a functional regulator of the TFPI anticoagulant pathway”
  9. £481,390, 2013/4 years BHF Intermediate Fellowship (Ahnstrom/Crawley/Lane) “The role of factor Va in its own proteolysis by APC and its cofactor protein S"
  10. £225,614 2012/3 years BHF Project (Lane/Crawley) “Developing ADAMTS13 as a treatment for ischaemic stroke”
  11. £195,865, 2012/3 years BHF Project (Crawley/de Groot/Lane) “ADAMTS18, its substrates and vascular role”
  12. £118,000 2012/3 years BHF Project (Laffan/Crawley) “Endothelial role of TFPI”
  13. £558,466, 2010/5 years BHF Intermediate Fellowship (Salles-Crawley/Crawley/Lane) “The role of BAMBI in platelet production, function, haemostasis and thrombus formation”