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Jamil El-Imad's key research interests are in brain signal analysis, Virtual Reality (VR), Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) and Big Data.

Jamil and his team are developing systems for epilepsy prediction and other neurological disorders. He is also developing VR systems for democratising human experience and for the treatment of phobias.  Jamil co-led a “Reality Substitution” team at The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in developing a VR experience incorporating the user’s body into a substituted environment.

Jamil is also leading a team that are launching a biosensory cloud service offering Big Data management, storage and processing solutions.  Jamil additionally promotes brain research through his work at The Brain Forum.

As a former software engineer developing, for decades, code on IBM systems, Jamil has also built a portfolio of research in collaboration with a number of world class institutes and Universities, including:

  • Imperial College London;
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Lausanne);
  • University of Bonn;
  • University of Aberdeen;
  • American University of Beirut;
  • Swiss Epilepsy Centre; and
  • IMEC, focusing on VR and neural signal analysis.

Jamil is also a Fellow at the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Selected Publications


El-Imad J, Juffali W, 2013, A system and method of detecting or predicting the onset of a neurological episode, GB20130021124 20131129

El-Imad J, et A, 2013, A headset, GB2516275

El-Imad J, 2013, WO2013160706

El-Imad J, Juffali W, 2011, Monitoring neurological electrical signals to detect the onset of a neurological episode, UK, EU & Other, BR20131104642 20110826

El-Imad J, Hormigo J, 2009, A media system and method, EU, UK & Other, WO2009GB50222 20090305

More Publications