Imperial College London


Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Honorary Senior Research Fellow







City and Guilds BuildingSouth Kensington Campus




Research and Publications

- Epilepsy seizure prediction in the cloud using WiNAM - a clinically validated algorithm that identifies abnormal patterns in brain activity preceding an epileptic episode.

- Cloud analyses of physiological marker of behavioural states associated with epilepsy via the development of an integrated, interactive, adaptive, flexible, scalable, closed-loop monitoring and intervention system.

- Big Data management, storage, processing and visualisation solutions via VMLPro – a cloud computing platform integrating rapid parallel processing and signal processing algorithms – and NeuroVIS – a software application that combines the viewing and analyses of EEG signals mapping brain activity onto a 3D rendering of the brain.

- Design of an ambulatory headset for remote and continuous capture of EEG and motion data (NeuroTrail)

- Development of VR media for entertainment (Virtually Live), cognitive neuroscience (Reality Substitution RS – a platform that captures reality and allows the re-experience through immersive devices, either unchanged or altered).  


- Brain signal analysis ( WiNAM I)

- Brain signal optimiser ( WiNAM II )

- Layered bio-sensory pattern matching ( WiNAM III)

- Portable Brain Computer Interface ( NeuroTrail )

- Virtual Reality Media