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Digital image processing, remote sensing and GIS: technical development and applications for earth science and environmental monitoring.

·  Development of novel sub-pixel image feature matching technology based on FFT phase correlation for precise image co-registration, motion measurement, super quality low occlusion DEM (digital elevation model) generation from very narrow baseline to conventional wide baseline stereo images and super resolution image reconstruction. The technology and the software package developed have found wide applications in topographic mapping, quantitative change detection, mobile objects detection and sub-pixel measurement of terrain deformation resulted from earthquakes.  

·  Advanced digital image processing. Methodology, technique and software development.

·  Interferomatric SAR (InSAR) technology and applications for geohazard study: rapid erosion, sand encroachment, subsidence and earthquake/neo-tectonic deformation.

· Remote Sensing and GIS applications for regional geohazard assessment, neo-tectonic history of fault evolution and geological and terrain type mapping.

 SFIM: a spectral preserve fusion technique 


 Interferomatric SAR (InSAR) technology and InSAR application for geohazard study (rapid erosion, sand encroachment and dune movement, subsidence and earthquake/neotectonic deformation).


Remote Sensing and GIS modelling for land instability assessment in the Three Gorges reservoir region.


Study of neo-tectonic history of fault evolution in relation to geomorphology and earthquakes using InSAR, DEM and multi-spectral imagery. 


SEN001-PCIAS: Phase Correlation Based Image Analysis System (PCIAS). SEAS DTC Grant: 2005 –2010 (£422876)

ADD004: Phase Correlation Sea Wave 3-D Modelling. SEAS DTC Grant: 2007-2008 (£41,600)

SENT02-TIGER: PCIAS for very narrow baseline stereo matching and 3D data generation, SEAS DTC Grant: 2007 - 2011. (£120,000)

Phase correlation sub-pixel optical flow based super resolution reconstruction. COI MoD Grant: 2007 - 2010. (£205,222)

PCIAS Application bridging demonstration. SEAS DTC Grant 2011-2012 (£120,000)

Shield moving object detection. CDE MoD Grant: 2011-2012 (£54,269)

Major award of UK-China Research Exchange: supper resolution reconstruction and 3D data generation from very narrow baseline stereo matching, based on subpixel optical flow. Royal Academy of Engineering 2011-2012 (£21,400)

Research Staff



Research Student Supervision

HASELWIMMER,C, Remotesensing geology in Antarctic

Morgan,G, Advanced image processing for remote sensing

SETCHELL,C, Structural geology

TURNER,S, Remote Sensing and Tectonics

WU,M-C, Radar Interferometry for Earthquake study