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Professor of Sustainable Chemical Technology



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Current PhD students:

Samson Anuchi (co-supervisor Kyra Campbell, University of Sheffield), Toward an Ionic Liquid-Assisted Design of Lignin-Derived Nanoporous Carbons for Sustainable Applications

Charlotte Borrill (co-supervisor Kyra Campbell, University of Sheffield), Understanding IL-induced Corrosion

Yiyan Chen, Surface Modification of Proteins for Delivery Applications

Juliana Cumming (co-supervisors Maria Charalambides, Koonyang Lee), Sustainable Balloons

Amir Dezashibi (co-supervisors Paul Fennell and Geoff Kelsall), An Investigation for Utilisation of Ionic liquids in the Removal of Transition Metals from Refinery Waste/Feedstock and Their Potential Applications

Harriet Judah (co-supervisors Agnieszka Brandt-Talbot and Paul Fennell), Rapid Ionic Liquid Screening for Enhanced Recycling Systems (RISERS)

Dean Keck (co-supervisors Karen Polizzi and Paul Fennell), Enhancing Phytoremediation via Engineering Soil Microbe Interactions

Priyanka Kumar (co-supervisor Agnieszka Brandt-Talbot), Building a Spent Grain Biorefinery Based on Low Cost Ionic Liquids

Enrico Manfredi-Haylock (co-supervisor David Payne), Development and Scale-up of More Efficient Chemical Recycling Processes for Lead Acid Batteries

Monica McCall (co-supervisor Mark Sephton), Algal biochar integrated with carbon dioxide removal

Suhaib Nisar (co-supervisors Benoit Chachuat and Agnieszka Brandt-Talbot), Optimisation of Ionic Liquid-based Biomass Processing

James Perry (co-supervisor Agnieszka Brandt-Talbot), Bio-derived Green Surfactants

Sarah Seidner (co-supervisor Paul Fennell), IonoSolv Pretreatment with Non-Corrosive Ionic Liquids

Matthew Spry (co-supervisors Ifan Stephens and Magda Titirici), Probing Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction Intermediates Using in situ Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Tom Upcraft (co-supervisor Miao Guo, Kings College London), Modelling of Integrative Technology Solutions for Lignocellulosic Biorefining

Chaoyue Zhang (co-supervisor Paul Fennell), Towards an Economically and Environmentally Feasible Protic Ionic Liquid Based Biorefinery: Focusing on Optimization of Process Parameters and Life Cycle Assessment of Whole Process

Current Research Associates:

Aida Abouelela, Wastewater Treatment using Supported Ionic Liquids

Amir Al Ghatta, Biobased Surfactants for Biodegradable Detergents

Pedro Nakasu, Building a Spent Grain Biorefinery using Low-cost Ionic Liquids

Talia Shmool, Drug Delivery and Room Temperature Stable Vaccine Formulations Based on Ionic Liquids

Pedro Verdia, Biomass Fractionation using Ionic Liquids (Supergen Bioenergy Hub) 

Past PhD students:

Aida Abouelela, Development of Sustainable Chemical Technologies using Lowcost Ionic liquids for Waste Decontamination and Valorization

Amir Al Ghatta (joint with James Wilton-Ely), Chemical Routes for the Valorisation of Biomass into High Value Added Chemicals Using Ionic Liquids as Solvents

Raul Aravena, Ionic Liquid Technologies for recovering Plant Sterols from Tall Oil

Hazeeq Azman (joint with Tony Cass and James Wilton-Ely), Bioligninolysis: Degradation of Ionic Liquid Derived Lignin by Rhodococcus

Husain Baaqel (joint with Benoit Chachuat and Gonzalo Guillen Gosalbez, ETH Zurich), Sustainability-Based Assessment and Optimization of Ionic Liquid Large-Scale Production

Patrick Brandl joint with Niall Mac Dowell), A Framework for the Techno-Economic Screening of Absorption-based CO2 Capture

Liem Bui-le, Stabilisation of Therapeutic Proteins using Surface Engineering and Ionic Liquids

Clementine Chambon (joint with Paul Fennell), Towards an Economically Viable Ionic Liquids Based Biorefinery: Lignocellulose Fractionation and Value-added Products from Lignin

Meng (Angela) Chen, Design of a Hybrid Organosolv-ionoSolv Lignin Fractionation Method and Lignin-like Polymer Synthesis for Value-added Applications

Paul Corbett, The Synthesis and Utilisation of Ionic Liquids in the Removal of Harmful Impurities from Fuel

Gilbert De Gregorio (joint with Tom Welton), Lignin Depolymerisation in Acidic Ionic Liquids

Sanan Eminov (joint with James Wilton-Ely), Catalytic Conversion of Fructrose, Glucose and Cellulose to 5-(hydroxymethyl)furfural (HMF)

Vivi Filippousi (joint with Paul Fennell and James Wilton-Ely), Synthesis of Aromatic and Heterocyclic Platform Chemicals from Bio-derived Furans

Anton Firth (joint with Paul Fennell), Integration of Ionic Liquid Biorefinery with Constructed Wetland Remediation of Wastewater

Sebastian Green (joint with James Bull and Philip Miller), Thermal Hazard Assessment and Safe, Scalable Synthesis of Energetic Diazo and Azide Compounds

Florence Gschwend (joint with Paul Fennell), Towards an Economical Ionic Liquid Based Biorefinery

Louis Hennequin (joint with Paul Fennell), Towards the Valorisation of Marginal Areas for Biomass Utilisation: Combining Phytoremediation and Biorefinery for Environmental Remediation

Shaochen Huang (joint with Martin Trusler), Investigations of Thermophysical Properties of Ionic Liquids Used for Carbon Capture

Liyana Ismail (joint with with Tom Welton), Reactivity of Biomass Relevant Esters and Alcohols in Acidic Ionic Liquids

Latiffah Karim (joint with Karen Polizzi), Probing Cellulase Stability in Low Cost Mineral Acid Ionic Liquids

Ollie Levers (joint with Rob Law and Jon Lloyd), Particulate Organic Matter in Artificial Soils

Francisco Malaret (joint with Kyra Campbell, University of Sheffield), En Route to the Industrial Applications of Ionic Liquids for Metal Oxide Production and Biomass Fractionation: A Sustainable Avenue to Advanced Materials

Bing Tian, Novel hemicellulose extraction techniques.

Wei-Chien Tu, Impact of the IonoSolv Process on Cellulose Quality and Cellulose-derived Materials

Lisa Weigand (joint with Tom Welton), Towards a Cost-competitive Biorefinery: Fractionation of Willow with Low-cost Ionic Liquids and Synthesis of Lignin-based Copolymers

Shahrul Shikh Nizan Zahari (joint with Tom Welton), Deconstruction of Biomass in Ionic Liquids: Reactivity of Cellulose

Past Research Associates:

Agnieszka Brandt-Talbot, Imperial College London.

Alex Brogan, Kings College London.

Andreas Brohl, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Clementine Chambon, Oorja

Coby Clarke, University of Nottingham

Paul Corbett, Shell

Vivi Filippousi, European Commission

Anton Firth, DyeRecycle

Almudena Garcia SanchezFraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Florence Gschwend, Lixea

James Hogg

Xiaoyan (Jane) Lin, Lonza

Francisco Malaret, Nanomox

Richard Matthews, University of East London

Mayte Mota MartinezInprocess Technology

Alastair McIntosh, UK Department for Transport

Charles Romain, Imperial College London

Somnath Shinde, Conagen

Sze Yin Tan

Wei-Chien Tu

Chetna Vaghela, Imperial College London

Charles Vriamont, Trasis

Gillian Whyte, Essen Bioscience

Joseph Yao, Shell

Shahrul Shikh Nizan Zahari, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia