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Dr James W. Hindley

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Research Associate/Research Group Manager



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207Molecular Sciences Research HubWhite City Campus





Dr James Hindley is an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow working in the laboratories of Professor Oscar Ces (Chemistry) and Professor Charlotte Bevan (Surgery and Cancer). His research focuses on the development of soft matter materials at the nano- and micro-scale that can respond to specific stimuli such as temperature, light and chemical/mechanical change for applications including drug delivery, biocatalysis and synthetic biology.

By using chemical and biological motifs to imbue function in self-assembled lipid structures, a toolkit of lipid systems can be created. These can then be combined across length scales to engineer structures capable of functions that mimic cellular behaviour. Building artificial cells from the bottom-up enables a better understanding of cell biology, as well as creating systems that can interface with biological systems. This second property makes artificial cells a promising technology in applications across biomedicine.

James is based in the EPSRC-funded Institute of Chemical Biology - Centre for Doctoral Training, and is associated with the Membrane Biophysics Platform and "CAPITALS" EPSRC Programme Grant. 


Designing new signalling pathways from the bottom-up in artificial cells - PNAS, Press Release

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