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Jarmo Kikstra

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Jarmo Kikstra is a PhD candidate, working on "Safe and Social Living: the individual operating space in the context of Climate Change" at the Centre for Environmental Policy, and is part of cohort 7 of the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP at the Grantham Institute. His main scientific research interests include the integrated assessment of climate change and the linkages to a broader suite of sustainable development objectives, including multidimensional poverty.

He has finished the MSc course (2019) in Climate Change at University College London and holds a BSc degree (2018) in Technology, Liberal Arts, and Sciences from the University of Twente. His work included integrating temperature variability effects into the cost-benefit PAGE2020 model, as well as assessing local policy ambitions from both a modeling and a policy analysis perspective.

He collaborates with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA, Austria). Currently, Jarmo Kikstra is involved in the Decent Living Energy project which focuses on gaining insight in the current state and future developments of poverty and its energy implications. In addition, he takes part in an effort to consistently assess the climate implications of emission scenario pathways modeled by integrated assessment models, and works on assessing the adverse side-effects and co-benefits of ambitious climate mitigation.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Kikstra JS, Mastrucci A, Min J, et al., 2021, Decent living gaps and energy needs around the world, Environmental Research Letters, Vol:16, ISSN:1748-9326, Pages:1-12

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