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Prof. Kilner is a Senior Research Investigator  having recently retired as B.C.H.Steele Professor of Energy materials.  He is a former head of the Department of Materials (200-2006) and a former Dean of the Royal School of Mines( 1998-2000). He is a Principal Investigator in the International Institute for Carbon Neutral Energy Research I2CNER at Kyushu University in Japan.  He has also acted as a scientific advisor to CICenergiGUNE (Basque energy research centre) in Vitoria Spain and spent time as the group leader for ceramic electrolytes.  He has been involved in research into ionic and mixed conducting ceramics for 30 years and has published over 500 papers in this and related fields of materials science.  He is currently  European Editor for the Journal Solid State Ionics and a former councillor for the international Society for Solid state Ionics (ISSI). He is the holder of a number of patents relating to fuel cells and gas separation devices and the co-founder of a successful spinout company CeresPower Ltd. Prof. Kilner is primarily interested in studying the exchange and diffusion of oxygen in oxide ceramic materials for applications in devices such as fuel cells, oxygen separators and sensors, and has been instrumental in the development of isotopic exchange-SIMS techniques to study these phenomena. Much of his work is now centred upon the development of the Intermediate Temperature Fuel Cell, Solid Oxide Electrolysers and Lithium batteries. He is now working on an  improved understanding of surface and interfacial phenomena, which is crucial for further development of these devices and is the Uk leader of a JSPS sponsored Core to core consortium SOIFIT. In 2012 John was awarded the IOM3 Platinum Medal for his outstanding services to the discipline and the Somiya Award by the 
International Union of Materials Research Societies for international collaboration.  In 2016 he led a team that was awarded the Daiwa Adrian Award for Anglo-Japanese collaboration and in 2017 he was awarded the Imperial College Medal for services to the College.



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Brugge RH, Chater RJ, Kilner JA, et al., 2021, Experimental determination of Li diffusivity in LLZO using isotopic exchange and FIB-SIMS, Journal of Physics-energy, Vol:3, ISSN:2515-7655

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