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I am working as a postdoc at Imperial College (Royal Society- Newton International Fellow), and my research is mainly within the field of mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP).

Graduated 2018 with honors from Åbo Akademi University in Finland, and I was given an award for best PhD thesis at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (see thesis). I was awarded a Newton International Fellowship by the Royal Society in 2018. I was also awarded a grant by the Foundations Post Doc Pool (given by the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland) to support my postdoc research.  

During my time as a PhD student, I have also been working as a university teacher at Åbo Akademi Univeristy in 2014-2015 and 2017-2019. During these years, I have been lecturing and in charge of six different courses in process systems engineering.   

Research interests

  • Optimization (integer programming)
  • Operations research 
  • Process systems engineering
  • Machine learning

Developer of the SHOT solver for convex MINLP

SHOT, or the Supporting Hyperplane Optimization Toolkit, is an open source solver for convex MINLP problems. The solver iteratively constructs a polyhedral outer approximation of the problem, and obtains an equivalent linear MILP problem. Extensive benchmarks have shown that SHOT is among the most efficient solvers for convex MINLP, e.g., see the following review paper.  The solver is open source and can be downloaded from

SHOT was awarded the COIN-OR Cup in 2018 for best contribution to the COIN-OR initiative, which is an open source initiative within Operations Research (see announcement).



Kronqvist J, Bernal DE, Grossmann IE, 2020, Using regularization and second order information in outer approximation for convex MINLP, Mathematical Programming, Vol:180, ISSN:0025-5610, Pages:285-310

Kronqvist J, Bernal DE, Lundell A, et al., 2019, A review and comparison of solvers for convex MINLP, Optimization and Engineering, Vol:20, ISSN:1389-4420, Pages:397-455

Kronqvist J, Bernal DE, Lundell A, et al., 2019, A center-cut algorithm for quickly obtaining feasible solutions and solving convex MINLP problems, Computers & Chemical Engineering, Vol:122, ISSN:0098-1354, Pages:105-113


Kronqvist J, Lundell A, 2019, CONVEX MINLP - AN EFFICIENT TOOL FOR DESIGN AND OPTIMIZATION TASKS?, 9th International Conference on the Foundations of Computer Aided Process Design (FOCAPD), ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, Pages:245-250, ISSN:1570-7946

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